​Pin Diva

Bringing your Pinterest Boards To life

  PACKAGE COST:  Each room and project is going to be           different.  The first step is the consultation. We can do this     over the phone or in the space you'd like to change!  During   that consult, we'll be able to give you an approximate               project cost.  Then   after we finalize the details, we'll send a   budget analysis with what each area/item will cost.  Our         fee is based on hours spent per project.  The customization   option allows you to say just how much you'd like for us to     be involved....  

  PACKAGE DESCRIPTION:  This is the all-inclusive         package personalized to meet your needs.  I've had             clients who wanted the changes from top to bottom --       quite literally wall to wall decor and organization!  Others   need help decluttering, organizing and/or tying together   a color scheme.  Whatever your project may be, it's not       too big nor too small!  This is the package to choose if         you want to hand off your project in full.  We'll work with   you to ensure your tastes, preferences and needs are not   only met... but that at the end of the project you'll love       your space!  From painting, to purchasing, to decor and     organization... we'll do it all!