​Pin Diva

Bringing your Pinterest Boards To life

              ​PACKAGE DESCRIPTION:  Every project is unique and                             different!  The cost of this package will be based on the                           materials you need from us, and how much time involved.  The               wonderful part about customizing this particular package is                   that you can choose how much you want to be involved.  This                 takes away the pressure of uncertainty in tackling a task.  If                     you want to dip your hand in the crafting craze, but just aren't               sure how it'll turn out, we can be there to coach you                                 through!


  ​PACKAGE DESCRIPTION:  This is the package for the Do-It-Yourselfer!  Do you     have a project that is maybe a little too intimidating to tackle on your own?  Or       maybe you just need some help to get you in the right direction?  Or maybe it's a   project that's been half done for the past few months and you just need that last     little bit of help...  Call The Pin Diva!

  Again, personalized to your needs, this package allows you to take on however       much of the project you feel comfortable with.  All the while, having and expert "     Diva Coach" there to support you with advice and tried-and-true techniques! 


Furniture Refinishing

Toy Organization

Life Hacks

Family Command Centers

Personalized Signs & Decor